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The Aldub love team and there’s still growing up career’s

The Aldub love team and there’s still growing up career’s

After posting a record-breaking 41 million tweets, Twitter described “AlDub” as a “global phenomenon.”

The tweet volume of #AlDubEBTamangPanahon has broken the 35.6 million tweets sent during the Brazil vs Germany World Cup semi-final last July


The phenomenal love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza became the topic for the ‘Brandstanding’ segment of the show ‘Trending Business’ on the business cable television Bloomberg for taking the Twitter world by storm.
Ehden Llave Pelaez, social media manager of iSentia Brandtology explained to host Rishaad Salamat how the AlDub tandem became a social media powerhouse that impacts commercial entities.
“The audience is really not confined in the Philippines only, it’s from around the world. The tweets are coming from five continents out of the seven continents that we have. Imagine the huge impact and the reach for a brand to reach out to this fan base of the AlDub [love team],” Pelaez said.
“Another [instance] where social media steps in, they get to listen to their fans. The story follows what the fans wanted to see. It’s an open-ended series,” she added.
Salamat also noticed the influence of AlDub, saying, “It seems like anybody who gets associated with this couple see a remarkable increase in business.”
To which Pelaez replied, “Imagine the effect of using these two persons as brand ambassadors. It means their fan base also cuts across different markets, so you’re touching different markets, different consumers. You have that as the fan base.”
Alden and Maine are currently endorsers of the brands McDonald’s, Talk N’ Text, Bear Brand, Zonrox and Coca-Cola.
Will the AlDub phenomenon end in the event that the two actors get married? Salamat asked and Pelaez commented.
“They were able to establish a very unique and very strong fan base which they were able to contact using the social media. I think even if they do get married, it will go beyond that. There’s a fan base that will continue to monitor what’s unfolding between them,” she said.
The Kalye-serye love team was also recently featured on BBC News and Reader’s Digest Asia.